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About Mall Kiosk

Three decades ago, malls were non-existent. Today, they are one of the significant pillars of commerce in Toronto and other cities in Canada. Visiting the mall has become a common everyday occurrence for many residents across Canada. 

The advent of malls has spurred the diversification of commerce in different niches. With the amount of foot traffic that passes through a mall, many business owners are trying to find more ways to take advantage of the sheer number of people that pass through a mall daily. Today, mall kiosks and mall carts are one of the most coveted pieces of real estate used in the mall.

Kiosk was created to help business owners in different niches reach their target audience in malls and other “modern” commercial sites such as parks, sidewalks etc. Our is a business that was created to help bridge the gap between customers and sellers of different products. To do this, we offer innovative mall kiosks and mall cart solutions for business owners in various niches. 

Very early in the business, we noticed that most mall kiosks and carts in use had one significant flaw — they looked too similar. In many cases, these mall kiosks lacked the identity and branding to represent the products they were selling. We quickly set about correcting this worrying trend.

Kiosk started by building a team of professionals that will cater to every aspect of the mall kiosk design and building process. Today, Kiosk is home to a group of experts, including creative designers, branding experts, electric technicians and artisans. 

Our goal is to consistently provide clients with mall kiosks and carts that boast a trademark uniqueness and guarantee. This we have been able to do by keeping every aspect of our mall kiosk making process in-house. Therefore, we assure clients and businesses of the same level of quality across the board.

Every component of the mall kiosks and carts we make is designed and manufactured in-house. From the decals used for the signage down to the metal and wood pieces that constitute retail signage, every component is designed with the Kiosk stamp of approval. 

We believe that brands should not have problems getting across to customers. Also, we believe that customers should be able to identify and shop comfortably in mall kiosks belonging to their favourite shops. It is these beliefs that we inculcate into the very essence of our mall kiosk designs. 

Here at Kiosk, we are more than just kiosk/cart makers. We do not confine ourselves to the outdated belief that we are “just good with our hands.” More than talented kiosk designers, expert technicians or artisans — we are the ultimate bridge between businesses and customers.

Ours is a team full of men and women who wake up every day with a desire to make mall kiosk commerce easier for buyers and sellers. This is our identity.

Our Goals

Making mall kiosks and carts for different brands is not a simple task. It is one that requires expertise in several fields of disciplines to ensure that clients can enjoy their mall kiosks for a long time. 

To serve our customers better, we have set standards for ourselves. Our goals are to provide consistently: 

Unique Mall Kiosk Ideas

Each mall kiosk is different from the next one. Even though we design and sell mall kiosks to varying brands in different niches, every mall kiosk is different. From the structure to the retail display fixtures used, arrangement and branding, we offer unique mall kiosk ideas.

The Kiosk team comprises professional building designs and modelling experts. More importantly, our designers take the time to understand your needs for a mall kiosk. Therefore, whether you have a custom mall kiosk idea or you need help coming up with a unique design, our team has it covered.

Efficient Retail Display Fixtures

Owning a kiosk in the mall means that you have goods and services to advertise. Here at Kiosk, we are fully committed to providing clients and customers with retail display fixtures to help showcase products/services to foot traffic passing through the mall.

We have creative mall kiosk experts with multiple years of experience. Therefore, we offer the versatility and skill to build retail display fixtures for different businesses. Whether your business is a pharmacy or a hair selling company, we know the right type of retail display fixtures to install. Our goal is to make sure that every single mall kiosk/ cart we deliver has the best retail display fixtures needed to interest and serve prospective customers.

Functional Store Fixtures

A kiosk in the mall is more than just a structure. Admittedly, the design and construction of your mall kiosk will attract prospective customers. However, the fixtures you have in your mall kiosk can determine how seamless the shopping experience will be for your customers.

Here at Kiosk, we are fully dedicated to providing clients with essential, durable and, most importantly, functional store fixtures. Our goal is to consistently provide clients and customers with the right set of accessories. We take your products/services into consideration when designing fixtures for your mall kiosk. 

Additionally, the size of your proposed mall kiosk is another important factor we consider when designing store fixtures. We take the time to ensure that your store fixtures maximize the space in your kiosk and enhance the shopping experience for your customers.

Durable Mall Kiosks

Mall kiosks are long term investments. As such, they must be made to be sustainable. We want each and every one of our customers to enjoy the use of their mall kiosks and carts for a long time. 

Therefore, every single of our mall kiosk designs is made using carefully selected materials. The core components of our mall kiosks and mall carts are made high-quality products that are guaranteed to offer maximum durability. Our goal is to ensure that our clients enjoy the use of their mall kiosks for a long time to come.

We are the leading makers of mall kiosks and carts in Toronto. Do you have a question about a mall kiosk design? Contact us today.

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We are the leading makers of mall kiosks in Toronto. Contact us to bring your mall kiosk ideas to life!

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